Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What is Gun's E-Z Own?

What is Gun's E-Z Own?

Well, let's start with the name. It is Gun's E-Z Own and not Guns E-Z Own. There is an apostrophe between the "n" and "s." Which make it possessive. Yea, I hated grammar too. I still don't understand what a dangling participle is.

I've been going by Gun since my army days. It is short for Gunder, which is my great grandfather's name from the old country, Norway. I was tired of people not being able to pronounce it correctly, so I shortened it to make it easier for people.

Now, Why did I chose the name for the business? Well, uh, er, it was lack of creativity to be honest. I kept brainstorming, but Gun's was at the top and  I still wanted to keep the E-Z Own name relevant as to not create confusion for our current customers. so Gun's E-Z Own it is.

So this might be a shocker, Gun's E-Z Own does NOT sell firearms. Now that covers what we don't do. So now what do we do:

What Gun's E-Z Own does is sell FURNITURE, APPLIANCES and ELECTRONICS. Hence the sofa in our logo. We also deliver the product into your home and place it where you want. We do charge a fee, but at least we don't just set the product on the curb and say here you go, see you later.

What makes us different is that we offer financing to those who need it. Hence the SALES & FINANCING in the logo. Without boring you to tears there are two companies under the same roof. Gun's E-Z Own Sales & Gun's E-Z Own Financing. Can you guess who sells you the furniture and who finances the furniture.

Gun's E-Z Own also does short term rentals. For instance, a contractor from Xcel Energy is in town for 3-6 months. These people are traveling all across the country and wish not to drag their furniture everywhere. We have rental packages that these professionals can rent for a short time.

Another example of one of our big rentals is when someone has hip or knee surgery, the rent a lift recliner for a month during recovery time. That way they don't have to purchase one when they only need for a month.

So there you go, Gun's E-Z Own in a nutshell. We sell & finance & rent furniture, appliances and electronics.

Remember to like us on Facebook. Let us know what other social medium you would like to use to get you information. Also you can visit our website at (Ok , smart guy, yes there is no apostrophe in the web address. I know.)

Next time around, I will get more into the products we carry.

Have  wonderful and safe 4th of July.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Who owns Gun's E-Z Own?

Howdy, my name is Gun Gunhus.

I am married with 3 adult children. I am originally from Kenyon, MN class of '82. For Kenyon I competed at the State Wrestling Tournament at Heavyweight.

Now for the executive summary of my resume.

Was in the Army for 3 years. I graduated from Southwest State University in Marshall, Minnesota in 1992. I graduated with a Degree in Radio/TV. I worked for KBJJ-FM (Nothing but the Good Stuff) in Marshall doing sports & overnights. Looking for a daytime gig, I was hired on by KCUE-AM of Red Wing in the fall of 1992. That didn't last long, but I stayed in the area and moved on to driving school bus, then city bus and then propane truck.

 In February of 1997 Steve Hunnicutt hired me on to be an account manager for E-Z Own in Red Wing, MN. One year later I was promoted to manager. That just meant I did the same stuff and added more responsibility. Including cleaning the restroom.

We were in a 700 square foot building and 90% of our sales came out of a catalog. In 1999 we moved across the street into a 3,600 square foot building 3150 North Service Drive, that has since been demolished and is now a parking lot.

In November 2002, we moved downtown into what is known as the old Red Wing VFW,  816 Main Street, which is 4,500 square feet. Yes, we did move before they demolished the North Service Drive building. And the old Red Wing VFW is where we have been since.

I was eventually promoted to Regional Manager and had five stores that I oversaw. That's five restrooms to clean. Duluth, Coon Rapids, West St. Paul, Red Wing and Rochester. After E-Z Own closed the Coon Rapids & W. St. Paul Store, I was assigned to take on the St. Cloud Store. Lots of windshield time.

In 2013 the previous owner wanted to take himself one step closer to  retired and decided to sell off five of his six stores. I purchased the Red Wing & Rochester Stores. The Rochester store had been on the decline for several years prior to me purchasing the store. But I was optimistic that we could get business to pick up. But it didn't and in March of 2015 I made the decision to close the Rochester store. The drive time to work has been cut drastically now.

I still have the store in Red Wing and we continue to take it one day at a time. There is myself, Marcia who started working for me in 1998 as an assistant and Ben, who helps with deliveries and runs the store every once in a while.

So there you have it a brief history of the owner of Gun's E-Z Own. Next time i will tackle the common question, What is Gun's E-Z Own?

Until next time, hope you all have a wonderful day.