Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Need a Lift

Wow, It's been awhile since I have had something to say.

Have you ever thought about needing an item for that one special job, so you have to go out and purchase it for a one time use, or one time use every ten years. But in ten years you forgot you had it. Wouldn't it have been nice to rent that item for the day and save a little money.

Well in case you forgot, at Gun's E-Z Own, we offer a short term rental service.

One of our most popular rentals is the LIFT CHAIR. We have done numerous rentals in Rochester to customers who are visiting the Mayo Clinic for a week. They can't get in and out of bed very easy and have a hard time sleeping in the bed. So they rent a lift chair for sleeping in.

We have also had customers who just had surgery on a knee, shoulder, hip, etc. They have a hard time standing up while those joints are healing and trying to get stronger. Being lift up to the standing position is sure helpful and less painful.

At the time of this Blog, we only charge $60 for the week, $100 for the month to rent a lift chair, delivery/pick up fee not included.. Now that is a lot cheaper then spending $800 to $2,000 for an item you only need for a short while.

If you are getting older and getting in and out of your current recliner isn't working very well, Maybe purchasing a lift chair would be the way to go. You would be using it for a longer period of time and you will get plenty of use out of the lift chair.

I have a bad back and a bum knee, So most likely I will be wanting a lift chair in the future.

The lift chair we carry now, it has a separate motor for the back to adjust separately from the lift/recline motor. So if you want to keep your feet down but want to lean back a little you can.

For more information on how are rentals work you can go to Gun's E-Z Own Rental Page by clicking on this link.

I hope you won't have medical issues, but if you do and need a lift chair for the short term, please give us a call.