Thursday, October 25, 2018

Bundling up

I remember back in my youth that when we bundled up, you would feel like a over stuffed toy. Ten layers of clothes and  using wonder bread plastic bags over your feet to keep the wet of out. You felt like you were like a starfish, arms sticking out unable to put them down by your side and legs unable to bend. But mom said go outside and have fun.

You surely didn't want to fall down onto your back, stuck there like turtle on their back, until someone came along and tipped you back over.

Over the past few years we had people ask if there was a discount for purchasing many items. Then we saw all the Bundle and Save advertising and we thought, hey what a good idea. So we adopted the Bundle and Save for our floor items.

Bundle 01
Throughout the store you will find many signs that look like this to the left for a Bundle like the one pictured above.

Both New and Previously Owned items are bundled up. Every Bundle is slightly different. Some with lamps, some without. Some are for the Living Room some are for the Bedroom.

The most down payments are less than the 10% we typically require, You can save anywhere from $50 up to $200 depending on the Bundle.

So it's just like when you were a kid. You get many layers with our Bundles, BUT you can bend your knees and elbows. That is if you want to. 😉 And the only time you will be on your back is if you were taking a nap on the sofa.

Do you have to get the whole bundle? No, You can pick and choose. You won't get the disounted price, but if you only need a sofa, I wouldn't want you get stuff you didn't want.

If you would like to see more Bundles, visit our Specials page.

So there you have it, Bundle Up at Gun's E-Z Own for savings on regular retail prices on furniture.

Also, winter is around the corner, so bundle up there too. I think our clothing is a lot warmer with a lot less layers then in the past.

Thank you for reading, Have an awesome day.

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