Monday, December 10, 2018

Thanksgiving 911

Twas the day of Thanksgiving and all through the house, the smell of turkey was wafting through the ...... Well not quite this year.

For the past few years, my family has cooked the turkey in a roaster. If thawed, it takes less time then in the oven and we also put one of those cooking bags around the turkey to keep it moist. No basting required.

This year we tried something different to help with clean up and to catch those delicious turkey drippings for the gravy. We placed an over sized aluminum pan underneath the turkey.

I arrived at my dad's place around 11:15 am, for dinner and to bake some rolls. Meal time was set to start at 12:30 pm But in Thanksgiving Day time, 12:30 equates usually to around 1:15 pm. I am also the official turkey carver, So I must investigate what am I getting myself into this year. Plot, plan and diagram how to carve the perfect turkey slices. The right size for the kids and for the adults.

I glanced over to assess the turkey situation and noticed that the lid was raised above the roaster a little. The cooking bag had been expanded with hot air. (No, I did NOT blow into the cooking bag. Your so funny. Ha...Ha...)  I thought the lid being elevated wasn't quite doing the trick keeping the roaster warm enough inside. To correct this hot air situation, I had to get special permission from the Chef, my sister. She runs the kitchen like Chef Ramsey, make one unapproved move in the kitchen and you here about it. Okay, not with all the cussing. So with special permission I pierced the bag which allowed the hot air escape and the lid fit better. However, I did notice the aluminum drippings catcher was making it difficult to keep the lid down. You could push it down but it would come back up a little. The turkey was looking very pale like a patient on an operating table. But Hey, I'm just the carver not the chef. The master chef must know what she is doing, right?

The next step to my day was to begin the indulgence of the vineyard kind of beverage. Mmmm, what a wonderful bouquet, (I have no idea what that means, I heard it on a TV show once) I was thirsty.

While waiting the family chit chats and preps for this masterful meal of magnificence. We kept checking in on the bird. Still pale and now it's 11:45. 11:55, 12:10, 12:15. Crap the little pop up gauge hasn't popped yet and the bird is still looking pale. All the other menu items were almost ready. I was waiting with anticipation to put my rolls in the oven and bake them to the perfect golden brown. Is it time yet? . . . Is it time yet?

My sister-in-law & I are now on our 2nd glass of vino. (Hey, I told you. I....was.....thirsty! I guess she was too.) So my sister-in-law decided to cut open the bag and the turkey to see what was going on with it. (WITHOUT permission!! How does she rate.)

The one big slice my sister-in-law cuts the turkey open and.......It's......still......COLD! Holy Crap!! Now what? Emergency mode kicked in like an old episode of ER.

My sister-in-law started calling orders, "You, look up your smart phone how long does it take to cook turkey breast in the oven. STAT!", "You, get me a pan to put the turkey into.", "You, get my a sharp knife for me to slice this thing up." She sliced the turkey like a seasoned surgeon. "Hey, how long to cook the turkey breast?! I need that info NOW!! Don't freeze up on me now!" As she talks to the turkey, "Come on, baby! You can make it!"

It was fortunate, the oven was already on awaiting other items to be placed inside, so we didn't have to pre-heat  it.

Phew! The bird of deliciousness was placed in the oven. By 2:00 pm, we were seated down praying thanking the Lord for our meal. It was a Thanksgiving Miracle. And we only started an 1.5 hours after the scheduled time. That's pretty good for Thanksgiving Day time. I didn't get to do the carving but it was all good.
There were a few other things going on in the background that was pretty humorous but I will save that for another day. Like the hockey puck rolls.

I hope and your family had a wonderful and peaceful Thanksgiving.

Once again,. thank you for taking the time to read my blog today.

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Have a wonderful day.

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